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Tropical Leaves

Tuğba Koç Erciyas

President of INTOC Global

Calendars show 2021 human population 7.8 billion. As these numbers increase, so does the human effort to survive as a modern population.

Today's conditions tell us that we should devote more time to science than ever before.

Science has always been the upper mind that shaped civilization.

We need to adapt the magical world of science to the lives of our children in school age.

The pandemic era taught us that we need to draw new frameworks in education. Online lessons and competitions enabled people to maintain their social connections while at home.

Our new formation called INTOC opened its eyes to life based on online courses and competitions.


Today's education system continues to be developed on imagination and creativity and science is the most important factor that triggers this curiosity and creativity.

What we want to bring to our students with our INTOC organization:

  • to engage them in tackling the difficult scientific problems of the future.

  • to make them to use imagination and creativity to generate new explanations of how the world works.

  • to share science moments with people who have devoted their lives to science.

We will always be happy to see all science lovers around the world among us.

With best regards and best wishes.

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