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2022 Awards | Ödüller

Click the bottons to see awards. | Ödülleri görüntülemek için aşağıdaki butonlara tıklayınız.

Image by Szabo Viktor

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Full List of Award Winners | Ödül Alan Projeler Tam Liste

INTOC Global 2022 awards were given to Finalist Students under 25 categories:

1. Primary School/Applied Life Science
2. Primary School/Environmental Sciences
3. Primary School/Math
4. Primary School/Physics and Engineering
5. Primary School/Social Sciences
6. Secondary School/Applied Life Science
7.  Secondary School/Environmental Sciences
8. Secondary School/Math
9. Secondary School/Physics and Engineering
10. Secondary School/Social Sciences
11. Highschool Applied Life Science
12. Highschool/Environmental Sciences
13. Highschool/Math
14. Highschool/Physics and Engineering
15. Highschool/Social Sciences
16. University/Applied Life Science
17. University/Environmental Sciences
18. University /Math
19. University/Physics and Engineering
20. University/Social Sciences
21. National Highschool Applied Life Science
22. National Highschool/Math
23. National Highschool/Physics and Engineering
24. National Highschool/Social Sciences
25. Grand Prizes

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