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INTOC 2022
Science Project


Upcoming Events

  • Interview | History of Astronomy and Philosophy | Dr. Tansu Daylan
    30 Oct, 15:00 GMT+3
    Online Event | Zoom ID: 410 229 3366 Pass: 514525
  • INTOC 2022 Science Project Competition
    21 May 2022, 10:00

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 The aim of INTOC Global, a young and international organization, is to encourage and bring together productive young minds to produce solutions for the real problems of the world.

INTOC Global has succeeded in bringing together scientists originated from prestigious institutions such as NASA, CERN, MIT, Koc, Sabanci and Bilkent Universities with over three thousand students from various continents.


In addition, participants from more than thirty countries met at INTOC Global to participate in lectures and new researches on current issues. 

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INTOC in the media.

After the INTOC Global's webinars and 2021 Online Science Project Competition, we had a place in many country's medias.

Students who love science and academicians are interested in INTOC Global. So we created a big science family with our participants.

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